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is a management consulting organization that can help your company become more productive and profitable.
No fads or ideologies, but a focus on the specific results sought by you, our client, at an affordable price.
Senior professional consulting services for manufacturing and distribution companies in a broad spectrum of industries.
Long-term client relationships, for over 25 years, in which a substantial majority of our clients have asked us back for additional engagements.
  We utilize the proven, scientific techniques of industrial engineering and lean manufacturing, combined with state of the art computer based tools. Every business has integrated systems of people, facilities, equipment, materials, processes, and information to get the finished product to the customer. BUSINESS ENGINEERING designs, redesigns, and optimizes these systems. Whenever possible, BUSINESS ENGINEERING looks for no-cost or low-cost solutions before considering capital-intensive ones.

Let our Industrial Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, and Manufacturing Lean Consultants, create a manufacturing quality production system to suit your needs.

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